17 Steps to Staying #DANSSafe

Welcome back, everyone!

Here’s how we’re keeping DAN’Sers safe and free to enjoy positive vibes, great Latin music and confidence-boosting choreography


• Quick temperature checks
Using a touch-free infrared forehead thermometer.

• Verbal checks
We’ll ask you to confirm you’re symptom-free #covid19.

• A new timetable
To help with social distancing/potential crowding.

• Arrive ready in your kit
Our changing rooms are open but it’s safest not to use them.

• Extra changing room
The male shower rooms are only for female use, meaning you have two changing rooms. Men can use the upstairs changing space/loos, please.

• Hand sanitiser stations
Are now dotted throughout the studio.

• Towels on request
Just ask for one before you go downstairs.

• No water fountains
Please fill your water bottle before coming, or you can buy bottled water from us (contactless, of course).

• Our juice bar
It’s closed, sorry.


• Shorter classes
They’re now 50 minutes – for extra cleaning time, when we’ll focus on touchable surfaces and equipment.

• More space
Studios Celia and Frida are now one space, plus there are 50% fewer class spaces.

• No sharing
Of equipment or confidence-boosting high fives. For now.

• Floor markers
Your very own social dis-dancing space.

• Bespoke ventilation
Designed to circulate fresh air only.


• We’re all trained in covid-19 health and safety
To do our very best in keeping hygiene standards and protocols high.

• You’ll see us in appropriate PPE equipment
In areas where social distancing is a challenge.

• We’ll self-isolate at home
If we or someone we’ve been in contact with shows symptoms or tests positive for covid-19