Dance like never before at DAN’S

DAN’S is more than a place to dance – it’s a hub where wellness, exercise and socialising come together. Driven by Latin culture’s energy, passion and community spirit, we’re connecting people from all over the world. Step into one of DAN’S exhilarating classes or events to begin your adventure.

DAN’S approach

No matter whether you are young or old, expert or beginner, you’re welcome at DAN’S. Our expert teachers offer an innovative range of classes from our three different DAN’S categories Fitness, Soul and Technique, to ensure you find your favourite ways to move.



These are no ordinary fitness classes. They are revolutionary. Our inspiring instructors show you how to dance steps and combos with the aid of resistance bands and dumbbells. Charged by one of four different Latin styles, you feed the energy of dance into an uplifting strengthening workout. You feel the burn. You feel the rhythm. You feel exhilarated.


Get to know the fundamentals of Latin dance. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced dancer, these classes help you push what you can do on the dance floor like never before. They give you confidence, skill and an even bigger smile. Choose between either a drop-in class or a five-week course. These five-week courses don’t just teach Latin dance technique – they teach Latin spirit. So, no matter your skill level, they are great for discovering new friends or rediscovering the spark between you and your other half. Whatever you learn, from salsa to tango -good times come first.


Make a deeper connection with a very important person in your life – yourself. In these classes, you learn a range of techniques, from breathing mindfully to moving with high energy and you feel stress, tiredness and gloom melt away.


Break away from your routine with a unique class. Every month a master of a specific type of dance from around the world provides an amazing one-off experience. You learn new skills, liven things up and love getting out of your comfort zone.

Private LessonPrivate Lesson

A little extra focus can help you learn a lot. One-on-one tuition from our expert instructors will look at exactly what you need to improve in tango, bachata or salsa. You work on a specific area or style and nail it.



Introducing Dan’s B-Free socials – weekly events where everyone comes together for a good time. Here, you unleash the steps you’ve learnt into a space dedicated to sharing your passion with others. You dance like you know everyone, even if you know no one.


Creating an account and booking a class at DAN’S is simple.

Just create an account on our website and select from our range of class packages.