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Start a dancefloor adventure with us. It will uplift your spirit!

Come try something new in one of three no-experience-needed class types:

DAN’S SWEAT: enjoy happy, high-intensity workouts to reggaeton + afrobeats hits

DAN’S GROOVE: learn the best steps + styling of salsa, tango and bachata

DAN’S FLOW: find your feelgood in a slower, more meditative way through dance-yoga.

DAN’S wants everyone to dance – more!

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Dancing makes us happy.
It’s simple.

Dr Peter Lovatt, Dance Psychologist

Dance enhances physical, psychological and social wellbeing… beyond those of many other physical activities.

Emma Redding, Head of Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Dan's Comillas

There are few mood boosters more natural than dancing!

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